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SSL04 Spanish Countryside Ambiences

SSL04 Spanish Countryside Ambiences

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Small Description: Ambiences spanish countryside.
Author: Alvaro de Iscar
Format: Wav St & Surround 5.1
Number of files: 25 files
Quality: 48Khz 24bit
Total Size: 2 Gb

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Product Description


 SSL04 Spanish Countryside Ambiences

SPANISH COUNTRYSIDE AMBIENCES is a small collection of field recordings around our country. A collection of  files containing a wide view of  Spanish countryside ambiences.


Pinewoods, countryside, birds, cricketes, cicadas… 25 files of exterior files recorded in 2013 Spring and Summer.


Check our Files-List PDF to read the description of all the files included in the SSL04 Spanish Countryside Ambiences.


All the files have metadata embebed for great Soundminer type programs. They both include Spanish and English description.

This collection is a mix of 44.1/16 and 48/24 stereo and surround 5.1 Files.



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