SSL10 Gym Machines & Ambiences


Small Description: This collection includes 59 original recordings from a gym.
Author: Alvaro de Iscar
Format: Stereo, Surround 5.1, Mono
Number of files: 59 files
Quality: 96Khz 24bit
Total Size: 2,6 Gb

20,00  VAT exc.

SSL10 Gym Machines & Ambiences


This collection of sounds, include a variety of ambiences, machines, and foley sounds recorded for one of my latest TV post project in a small gym.

59 tracks recorded for my last spanish TV project in a few spanish gyms. 96Khz and 24 bits HD Audio. Room Tones, Designed Ambiences and Machines noises, including elliptical trainers, running machines, pilates balls, punches, weights machines, treadmills, vibrating platforms and more!


All the files have metadata embebed for Soundminer and similar programs. They both include Spanish and English description.

This collection includes 59 files, 96/24 HD Audio quality.


Check PDF “Files List” for more information about the files included in SSL10.