SSL49 Moving Water Part 3


Author: Alvaro de Iscar
Format: Stereo, MONO
Number of files: +156 files
Quality: 96Khz 24bit
Total Size: +1 Gb

40,00  VAT exc.


Introducing “SSL49 Moving Water Part 3″ – Your Ultimate Sound Library for Film, Television, and Video Games in Unparalleled Audio Quality!

Dive into the immersive world of”SSL49 Moving Water Part 3”, the latest installment in our traditional sound library collection. This meticulously crafted audio treasure trove offers a mesmerizing auditory journey, meticulously recorded in pristine conditions at a noise-free swimming pool.

“Moving Water” is your go-to resource for creating unforgettable audio experiences in the realms of film, television, and video games.

We spared no effort in ensuring that every ripple, drop, and water movement was captured with the utmost precision, delivering superior sound quality for your projects.

Our recordings took place in a pristine, noise-free swimming pool environment, ensuring that every sound is free from unwanted distractions or disturbances.

The library is conveniently organized and offered in formats compatible with leading audio software, making it easy to integrate into your creative workflow. UCS Compliant. All the recordings include metadata in English and Spanish, and they are compatible with software of sound library management like Soundminnner.

All our libraries are UCS compliant ( In this new category system all files contain extensive metadata like file description, Category & Subcategory. Metadata can be read and processed by the most common audio libraries management tools . Starting with Full support from Soundminer and more audio tools adopting this system, we are adopting metadata UCS system in our files!



In this pack you will find great Moving Water Part 3 sounds in order to use it in your films, TV, VR & multimedia projects.

Total Runtime:+00h 15m

> 156 Files / +1 GB
> 24 bit / 96 kHz
> Soundminer and BWAV extended metadata

All the files have metadata embebed for Soundminer and similar programs. They both include Spanish and English description.



Check PDF “Files List” for more information about the files included in SSL49.

Check COMPLETE COLLECTION METADATA for more information about the whole collection.