SSL19 French Countryside


Author: Alvaro de Iscar
Format: 5.1 Stereo Double MS
Number of files: 31 files
Quality: 48Khz 24bit
Total Size: 4 Gb

40,00  VAT exc.

SSL19 French Countryside


This collection of sounds, include a variety of ambiences recorded during a one week travel to France. They where recorded in Tauxigny, a small village close to Tours. This iconic place is also know because of their castle as The Loire Valley.

31 tracks recorded in different time spaces. 48Khz and 24 bits HD Audio. Birds, nature and crystalline countryside ambiences are included

This library was recorded in a Double MS mic configuration for the surround files. This provides great postproduction possibilities.

”Double M/S” is an improved version of the well-known M/S stereo recording technique. In addition to a front facing cardioid or supercardioid ”mid” microphone and a figure-8 ”side” microphone, a rear-facing directional microphone is set up. The front- and rear-facing microphones share the signal of the figure-8 microphone so as to form two complete, back-to-back M/S systems. One M/S system then provides the three front channels (the center channel signal being provided directly by the mid microphone of the front system), while the other system provides the two surround channels. An arrangement of this kind allows flexible processing of the stereo surround image width and post-production adjustment for both of the M/S pairs.

5.1 and ST edited files have been mastered with Pro Tools HD system, and Surround Double MS Tool by Shoeps. It will be useful for Double MS RAW Collection. More info and download can be found here.



In this pack you will find a great French Countryside collection in order to use it in your films, 
TV or multimedia projects.

Total Runtime:+00h 50m

> 31 Ambiences / +4 GB
> 24 bit / 48 kHz
> Soundminer and BWAV extended metadata


All the files have metadata embebed for Soundminer and similar programs. They both include Spanish and English description.

This collection includes 31 files, 48/24 HD Audio quality.



Check PDF “Files List” for more information about the files included in SSL19.


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